• Amy Miller

Finding the words for silence

Last fall, I was contracted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Alaska Region to profile an LA-based artist who has become a regular artist in residence in some of Alaska's wildest places. Lindsay Carron has now completed residencies in four Alaska wildlife refuges over the past couple of years. Listening to her discuss how she integrates these wild, quiet and gigantic experiences with her loud, hot and urban life here in LA was fascinating. Lindsay's art is breathtaking in its scope: she integrates wildlife, people, geography and weather into each piece. As she explained, she learned the most from being quiet and letting others talk. She listened with great respect to Alaska Native elders and community leaders, and in turn earned their trust and a window into their ways of life. Her gift for sharing that respectfully with audiences for whom these lifeways are so unfamiliar was inspiring.

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